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Altered shower water saving head

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  • replaces your existing shower head in 20s

  • saves 75% of water

  • minimalist design

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What you notice right away is the design: this shower head looks like a lightsaber straight out of StarWars.
You may think you're a Jedi when you shower... but you'll save money!

By reducing your water consumption by up to 75%, not only will your water bill drop significantly, but the hot water you save will also reduce your electricity or gas bill.

The shower is the highest water consumption item in a household, so with this ALTERED innovation you can solve the problem in the best possible way.

There are three main criteria for a satisfactory shower experience:

  • Coverage
    The rotation produced in the dome has the effect of tearing up the water, creating thousands of large, high mass droplets. This means that you really get wet. The water is also distributed randomly, allowing for total coverage.
  • Pressure
    We do the opposite of traditional water saving showers which reduce the flow rate and therefore the velocity of the water. We increase the speed of the water. We achieve both the sensation of pressure and the functionality of rinsing.
  • Heat
    Droplets cool down faster than a water jet. But because the water is connected to the Dome, the heat is transferred to the droplets very efficiently. You get a nice, warm shower without having to touch your thermostat.

Dome® technology makes it possible to do this as efficiently as possible, using the least amount of water and energy.

With Dome® technology, we achieve the most efficient coverage, pressure and heat possible, using the least amount of water and energy. And of course, the products have to be beautiful and pleasant to the touch. 
That's why the Altered:Shower is made from aluminium and stainless steel, so it feels solid and will last forever. This showerhead really is a top-of-the-range bathroom accessory (compared to most plastic showerheads that don't stand the test of time).

  • Select the desired flow rate:
    • Dome Mode: 3.5 Litre Per Minute 
    • Monsoon Mode: 6.5 Litres Per Minute 
  • Very simple installation
  • Aluminium housing (YES this is not a plastic knob!)
  • Chrome finish
  • Swedish design

Did you know?

A pool of size 6m x 4m x 1.5m will hold 36m3 of water.

In this calculation the average depth of the pool is 1.5m (we'll say 1m deep in the shallow end and 2m in the deep end).

This is approximately the annual water saving for a family of 3 over a year with the Altered shower head. So what are you waiting for to step up your game and save water fast every day? If you have a swimming pool, you'll have a clear conscience about saving water by taking showers.

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