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Water Saving Nozzle Altered

Altered Dual water saving Nozzle

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This water-saving nozzle has the particularity of offering 2 modes of use (by simply turning the device to the left or right).

mode 1: misting - maximum saving up to 98

mode 2: economy jet - to fill a glass, a pan ...

Do you know how many litres of water you use for each hand wash in the house? Multiply that by the number of occupants and you will be surprised.

To start with, a normal tap has a flow rate of about 10L per minute (does this remind you of old-fashioned maths exercises?) ...

10 litres per minute is a lot, especially when you realise that you don't need to use that much water to wash your hands. In fact for a 20 second wash instead of using 3.33 L you could have equally clean hands by using ... only ... 10 cL.

If you installed Altered Dual at home you would help save water and at the same time save money (in less than a year your investment pays for itself).

How much do you pay for your water (you probably don't know exactly, because you have to take into account a flat rate, the volume consumed according to bands and the various taxes - purification, use of the network and federal tax). In short, in the end you pay approximately 5 to 6 francs per m3 of water.

The price of the Altered Dual water saver corresponds to about 7m3 of water. How long will it take you to save this water to pay back your purchase?

This will depend on you, the number of people in your household, your habits... Make your own calculations, but we estimate that for a household of 3 people you will have repaid your "investment" in less than a year.

Who can install this water-saving nozzle?

You can, of course, and it's actually quite easy...

Here are the compatible "formats", i.e. almost all classic taps (round spigots) can be fitted with Altered Dual.

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