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GoCube connecté & rapide

GoCube: The Rubik's redesigned

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The Rubik's cube is back: it is modern, bright, connected: the whole family will love it and progress

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Whether you are confined or not, you may find the days a bit long and want to use this "free" time to learn something and keep yourself busy. At least this COVID-19 pandemic episode will have helped you make progress in solving the Cube. It's all explained here ...

Everyone remembers the Rubik's cube?

This one is... BETTER!

GoCube is the Rubik's cube re-imagined and redesigned for the 21st century.

  • LEARN - you will finally be able to solve the cube:
    a fun and interactive Academy (1 hour), which allows everyone to learn how to solve the classic puzzle.
  • IMPROVE - improve your game level, review your statistics, progress and analysis to improve your game.
  • PLAY - have real fun in the GoCube Mini Games section (Simon, Puzzles, Musical Instruments), even the youngest children can enjoy it
  • CONNECT with friends and socialize with other GoCubers from around the world, fight online in real time and have access to our global ranking. With advanced tracking and orientation sensors, wireless connectivity allows you to track and display your movements in real time, get your statistics and improve.

Battery life of 60 hours or more. Connects via Bluetooth and is perfect for family time, travel, flights and wherever you travel.

GoCube - Rubik's Cube re-imagined

GoCube is the vintage Rubik's cube reimagined and redesigned for the 21st century. GoCube is a speed cube that allows ANYONE to learn how to solve this classic (unsolvable) puzzle in a fun and interactive way, improve your skills, track your progress and compete with your friends and family in the world. It is equipped with advanced sensors to track and measure activity, an inertial measurement unit (IMU) to track the orientation of the cube and connects via Bluetooth 5.0 to the GoCube companion application.
GoCube is made of the highest quality materials, including luminous indications and a magnetic speed mechanism, allowing a brand new experience of fast and fluid play.
GoCube brings a lot of fun and valuable time to your family, at home or on the move. Ideal for all ages and abilities.

Kit Includes:

  • GoCube EDGE
  • a charging stand. It will also hold your cell phone while playing!
  • a dedicated USB charging cable
  • And a beautiful Pouch for travels

interview avec Udi DOR inventeur du GOCUBE

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