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    The BACtrack C8 breathalyser is the latest product from the American brand BACtrack (market leader in electronic breathalysers). For more than 15 years the Californian company has specialised in the field of alcohol testing. The brand has been distributed in Switzerland for almost 10 years and we have focused on quality and customer service (calibration of the devices in Switzerland).

    This new model combines the best features of the BACtrack range in one device:

    its compact size allows it to be carried in the pocket

    a large display to read everything: not only does it show the breath alcohol measurement BUT ALSO the ZEROLINE data!

    KEZAKO Zeroline? This is the estimated time needed to return to 0 from the moment you blew.

    The C8 is connected: via the free BACtrack app you can change the unit chosen for the display of the measurements on the screen of the BACtrack C8 device as on the smartphone. This version has been adapted for the European market at the request of Red-Dolphin.

    With this version of the BACtrack device it is therefore possible to choose the unit mg/L (the one now in use in Switzerland) but you can also choose to revert to the unit ‰ for example.

    For reference: 0.25mg/L = 0.5‰ = 0.05%.

    This possibility to change the unit on the display of the device (and no longer only on the screen of the smartphone in connected mode) is an important novelty offered by the C8 model. The user is no longer obliged to keep the display in mg/L.

    To change the default display unit

    switch on the BACtrack C8

    If necessary, switch to "CONNECTED" mode by pressing the button for 7 seconds

    launch the BACtrack app on your smartphone

    the app detects the BACtrack and connects

    go to the settings screen (icon in the bottom right corner) and choose units to select the unit of measurement you want

    And that's it you have set up the new default display for your device.

    To switch back to "STANDALONE" mode, press the button again for 7 seconds

    The Blufire sensor installed in this BACtrack model is factory calibrated. The results are accurate and reliable over time with a minimal margin of error of ±0.025 mg/L BAC. Tests are reliable and consistent over a period of 6 to 12 months. Its intelligent sensor ensures optimal sampling at all times by displaying a clear message when insufficient breath sample is blown.

    One button does it all:

    one press and it lights up

    A 7-second press switches from connected to classic mode (and vice versa)


    Dimensions: 5.6 x 4.7 x 1.7 cm

    Weight: 56g

    Reusable tips: 3 included

    Battery: 1 AAA battery (included)

    Battery life: approx. 300 tests with 1 battery

    Sensor technology: Advanced BluFire® Electro-chemical fuel cell

    Pre-heating: 10 seconds

    Test time: blow 5 seconds

    Analysis time: 5 to 10 seconds

    Measuring range: 0-1.5mg/L (from 0 to 3‰)

    Sensor accuracy: +/- 0.025 mg/L BAC

    Display: choice of measurement unit (%, ‰ or mg/L) on the display or on an app (smartphone). Choice made via the configuration interface in the app: in mg/L (on the display), compliant with the new Swiss standards.

    2-year warranty

    calibratable device (BACtrack recommends to perform a calibration service every year).

    The service is exclusively carried out in Switzerland by RED-DOLPHIN official importer of the BACtrack brand (even if you buy your BACtrack from one of our partners, you can contact RED-DOLPHIN to carry out the calibration service).

    (customers outside Switzerland, please contact us).
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