Hoverpen 3.0 - Future Edition - 2 in 1 Rollerball + Fountain Pen

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    • 2-in-1 (Rollerball or Fountain Pen)

    • Schmidt Fountain Pen (Fine nib)

    • Levitation 3.0 Stand

    Model: Mist Blue
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    Future Edition is a new design that is always elegant and futuristic! It floats in the air at a 60° angle and you will find it ... Magical.

    nouveau stylo convertible Hoverpen 3.0 disponible en suisse

    We have been offering the Hoverpen pen range for several years, but this is the first time that a fountain pen appears in the range!

    And this is not the only novelty...

    In order not to have to choose between the Roller and the Fountain pen, this 2-in-1 model is convertible. You will have in the box a pen body but all the necessary to have a Rollerball or a Fountain pen according to your choice and the possibility to change when you want.

    roller et plume Hoverpen convertible idée cadeau disponible en Suisse

    Writing with a rollerball or a pen is a really pleasant experience. The lucky owners of the Hoverpen Gravity and Interstellar versions were looking forward to this development. For some, only the pen is worthy of a beautiful writing instrument.

    test d'écriture avec le Roller Hoverpen 3.0 future editiontest d'écriture avec plume Hoverpen 3.0 future edition

    Once again the design of the new Hoverpen edition will surprise, captivate and above all inspire! Look at them ... placed on their base they are unique.

    le plus stylo à offrir disponible en Suisse

    The 2-in-1 box is delivered complete:

    • Hoverpen Future Edition 3.0 pen body (Deep black, Mist Blue or Frost Silver)
    • Fine Schmidt fountain pen (Made in Germany)
    • Magnetic base made of Zinc and Aluminium alloy
    • Schmidt K5 refillable nib reservoir
    • Rollerball [Converts Fountain pen to Rollerball)
    • Rollerball refill (Medium. Black)

    If you have any questions about Hoverpen: contact us by phone or email.

    Interested shops and resellers, companies for original gifts can write to us at Hoverpen @ red-dolphin.com.

    The Future Edition range will be available in 3 versions:

    • Roller only
    • Feather only
    • 2-in-1 convertible kit

    The Rollerball refills are standard on the market and you will be able to find them from different manufacturers (here is the list of available and compatible options):

    • SCHMIDT Safety ceramic roller 888 
    • Platinum WSG 20 
    • Pilot BXS-V7RT 
    • Pilot G2 
    • Signo UMR-85N  
    • Pentel LRN5

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